Is Johnny Galecki The Reason Sara Gilbert Agreed To Star In ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Did Sara Gilbert agree to join the cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' because of her history with Johnny Galecki?

Fans already know that Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki were dating for part of their time on ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ It happens often with actors, of course, but what’s great about those two is that they remained friends after their breakup. They both moved on of course — Kaley with her husband Karl and Johnny with Alaina Meyer, whom he had a baby with in 2019 but split from this year — but the former lovers and co-stars still have a good relationship today. So, it’s not surprising to fans that Johnny has the same sort of friendship with another former flame and co-star.

Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki first met on the set of ‘Roseanne’ back in the ’90s. Sara, for one, debuted on the show in 1088 and stuck with the show for its nine-year duration. Johnny arrived at the set a bit later — in 1992 — and was on the show until 1997. He and Sara played David and Darlene, respectively. Their characters wound up married with two kids by the time the series ended, but though they dated off-screen, it didn’t last.


It’s not a sad story, though; Sara later explained that she realized she was gay while dating Johnny, but the story has a happy ending. Not only did Johnny keep her secret, Sara elaborated (though he does keep lots of things on the DL in his private life), but when she decided to come out later, Today noted, she had her former co-star’s full support. That wasn’t until 2010, of course, which means that throughout their time on ‘Roseanne’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ the pair have kept in touch.

Their enduring friendship, and Johnny’s offer to be there in person to support Sara during her coming-out interview, might explain why Sara took a job on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in the first place. After acting on a long-running sitcom with someone she clearly considers one of her best friends, why wouldn’t Gilbert opt to do it all over again? No one knows for sure whether Johnny had a hand in nabbing one of his favorite former co-stars her new role, but fans’ guess is that Gilbert was willing to join up for her friend’s sake.

Johnny Galecki And Sara Gilbert: The Untold Truth Of Their Relationship

Plus, Sara knew producer Chuck Lorre from their ‘Roseanne,’ days, says EW, so the actress had other loyal friends in her corner, too. Ultimately, though, Gilbert’s character was basically written out of the show — and right after the network had announced it was bringing her on as a regular cast member rather than an occasional guest star. Fortunately, her departure from the show wasn’t permanent; Sara had a cameo later on in the series. And clearly, she and Johnny remain good friends regardless of what projects they’re working on.

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