Big Bang Theory’s Penny strips off to seduce Leonard as series reaches final 10 episodes

Leonard, who is due to make a sperm donation to Penny’s ex-boyfriend Zack, finds himself in a bit of a bind when Penny pulls out her sexy lingerie in an attempt to get his attention.

Pulling off her robe to reveal she’s just in a bra and frilly knickers, Leonard’s quiet night in looks like it’s completely out of his hands.

Naturally, Penny’s ploy works like a charm, but Leonard is trying his best not to give in so that he’ll be able to, ahem, pass his seed on to a worthier cause. But Penny, who is dead set against it happening, is taking it upon herself to try and seduce her husband, offering to take off her bra when he admits it’s a distraction. It then gets worse as she reads a comic book over his shoulder. Penny has always been Leonard’s Kryptonite, so he ends up doing what every geek would do – run to his best mates across the landing and sleep on Sheldon and Amy’s couch.

Big Bang Theory's Penny strips off to seduce Leonard | Metro News
Leonard resorts to crashing on Sheldon and Amy’s coach to stop himself (Picture: CBS)

Sheldon can do nothing but shrug as he also admits that his wife is also constantly trying to sleep with him too. Tough break you guys. Meanwhile, Raj and girlfriend Anu head out on a double date with Bernadette and Howard, but it’s sure to end in disaster seeing as something called the ‘vomit comet’ is involved.

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