The Big Bang Theory: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Amy (According To Reddit)

The Big Bang Theory fans on Reddit have some unpopular opinions about the character Amy.

With there being an astounding 12 seasons and almost 300 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, it’s one of the most popular television shows of all time, which means that the internet is hot with unpopular opinions of the show. One of the most polarizing characters of the nerdy series is Amy Farrah Fowler, who crashed onto the show as essentially a female version of Sheldon with almost identical ideologies.

10.Amy And Sheldon’s Relationship Was Toxic

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After Amy and Sheldon first met, it seemed they were a match made in heaven, and surely enough, they stayed together ever since then.

9.Amy’s Clinginess To Penny Was Sickening

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One of the reasons why The Big Bang Theory is so beloved is for the friendships between polar opposites, but not everyone loves it as much as others. A small minority believe that Amy’s clinginess to Penny was sickening.

8.The Whole Show Was Ruined By Amy And Bernadette

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As the only female character on the show was Penny for several seasons, the cast was finally added to with with Amy and Bernadette. When they were introduced, it made the show more interesting and feel fresh again, but not everyone sees it that way.

7.Amy And Sheldon Are The Best Couple

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Though they’ve had a few hiccups and speed bumps throughout their relationship timeline, this Redditor claims Amy and Sheldon are the best couple out of all of them on Big Bang, followed by Howard and Bernadette.

6.She Is All The Worst Parts Of Sheldon And None Of The Good Parts

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One Redditor argues that though Sheldon is annoying but still somehow comes off as endearing and that there’s a method to his madness, Amy is just as annoying as Sheldon but doesn’t have any of the redeeming qualities.

5.Amy And Howard Had More Chemistry

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Amy and Sheldon are an almost perfect couple, as Amy is able to wrangle in Sheldon’s behavior and it’s the first time that Sheldon has ever seriously cared about anybody on that level. But some users aren’t totally convinced Sheldon is who Amy should have ended up with, arguing that she had more chemistry with Howard than Sheldon.

4.Amy Changed Sheldon For The Worst

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Not being happy with “Shamy,” there are a select few who think Amy changed Sheldon for the worst. The user posits that in the season finale, Sheldon is a far cry from the Sheldon fans loved in the earlier seasons, and him becoming a “normal person” was the biggest problem about the relationship.

3.Amy Is The Best Character

Raj-and-amy-in-the-kitchen-of-howards-house-on-tbbt.jpg (740×370)

Though all of the characters in the show are great and they all have their unique little quirks, Amy is generally looked at as the least favorite through the eyes of the fans. It’s mostly because she comes off like an obnoxious version of Sheldon at certain times, and she drastically changed the inner workings of the group.

2.Amy And Kripke Would Have Been Great Together Too

big-bang-theory-kripke-amy.jpg (740×370)

Not only would Amy arguably have been a better partnered up with Howard, but her and Kripke could have also given it a good shot according to this Reddit

1.The Show Should Have Ended When Amy And Sheldon Got Married

amy-and-sheldon-wedding.jpeg (740×370)

Though Amy was once engaged to another man, her and Sheldon finally tied the not, as there are fewer couples who are more perfect for each other.


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