11 Characters That Were Pregnant in Real Life during Shooting, and What Their Babies Look Like Today

We made a list of 11 popular people who worked while pregnant (some of them had to hide their bellies) and show what these kids, who made things hard for their mothers and those who made the movies, look like now.

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfeld

Julia Louis-Dreyfus got pregnant with her first child, Henry Hall while filming the third season of the popular TV show Seinfeld. Henry came into the world in July of 1992. But the actress’s pregnancy never really caused trouble for the show’s producers. The simple solution that the writers came up with was to dress her character, Elaine, in big, loose clothes to hide her stomach. Henry is 29 years old right now.

2. In Homeland, Claire Danes plays

You know actress Claire Danes because of how well she played CIA agent Carrie Mathison on the TV show Homeland. But one thing that doesn’t come up very often is that she was 8 months pregnant when she finished filming the second season. Due to her character, her pregnancy could not be part of the plot, so they used digital retouching to hide her belly. Cyrus, her son, was born in December 2012, making him 9 years old.

3. Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo

During the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy, one of the most popular dramas ever made, producers decided to hide the fact that Ellen Pompeo was pregnant from the cameras. The writers did this because they didn’t think this was the right time for Dr. Meredith to have a baby and wanted to save that for later. Stella Luna, now twelve years old, was born in September 2009.

4. Zooey Deschanel in New Girl

When season 5 of the hit TV show New Girl was filmed, Zooey Deschanel was seven months pregnant. As you remember, the actress had to be replaced temporarily by Megan Fox because producers could only hide her belly for a few episodes. Deschanel had to stay away from the show until she was done with her post-baby rest. Zooey had her daughter Elsie in August of 2015; the girl is now 5 years old.

5. In “Charmed,” Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs, who plays Piper, one of the main characters on the TV show Charmed, said the cast and crew that she was pregnant while filming the sixth season. The producers thought it would be best to hide the fact that she was pregnant at first. But after some time, they decided it would be better for her character to have a child in the story. So it worked out well that Piper’s pregnancy was planned before the actress knew she would have a child. Finley Arthur, Combs’s first child, was born in 2004. He is now 17 years old.

6. Amaia Salamanca in Velvet

When Amaia Salamanca went back to work on the set of Velvet, a show about a fashion house in Madrid in the late 1950s, she was already seven months along. Because of this, the show had to make her character, Barbara, pregnant. In April 2014, when she was 28 years old, she had her first child, a girl named Olivia Varo.

7. Scandal: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington got pregnant right before filming Scandal, the show where she played the main character. Isabelle, her daughter, is seven years old right now. Because of this unplanned event, the number of episodes had to be cut to hide the actress’s pregnancy, which didn’t fit into the show’s schedule.7

8. Kristen Bell in House of Lies

When the second season of the TV show House of Lies was about to be shot, Kristen Bell, who played the main character, was about six months pregnant with her first daughter. Lincoln Bell, her oldest child, is now 8 years old. For scenes where Bell would have had to show her belly, the producers had to hire a body double.

9. How I Met Your Mother with Cobie Smulders

How I Met Your Mother brought Cobie Smulders’s character, Robin, to millions of TV screens worldwide. Cobie Smulders found out she was pregnant after her co-star Alyson Hannigan told the show’s producers that she was pregnant. She said the producers had to hide both of their pregnancies. To hide Smulders’ belly, the producers asked the costume designers to give her clothes and props covering her stomach, and they had her character sit down for most of the scenes she was in. The actress had her daughter, Shaelyn, in May 2009.

10. Madonna in Evita

Madonna, known as the “Queen of Pop,” played Eva Perón, the wife of Argentinian dictator Juan Domingo Perón, in a controversial movie from 1996. But at the time, Madonna was carrying her daughter Lourdes Leon. Because of this, the Evita crew used costumes and camera angles in a clever way to hide the fact that Madonna was pregnant with her oldest daughter, who is now 24 years old.

11. Lisa Kudrow in Friends

Lisa Kudrow got pregnant while playing Phoebe Buffay on Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms. About this time, they started shooting the fourth season. The producers decided to include her pregnancy in the story by having Phoebe give her brother her womb so he could have triplets when he and his wife couldn’t have children on their own. Julian, her only child, is 23 years old now.

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