5 fitness lessons from Jennifer Aniston’s routine to inspire your next workout

Jennifer Aniston has a “lit-from-within” glow about her that always leaves millions aching to find out what the secret behind her toned physique is.

It’s no surprise that in spite of our fervent daydreams, there exists no genie to grant us a sculpted core and washboard abs in an instant, but reality has to offer a tapered figure with hours of training and a consistent mindset.

Jennifer Aniston demonstrates that when it comes to her fitness choices, she has mastered multiple forms of training to chisel her physique from all angles.

In a recent collaboration with brand Pvolve, the star outlines the workouts she practices to stay fit in her 50s. Look no further, as ahead lies the perfect roundup of 5 fitness tips from Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram that you can definitely take inspiration from.

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