All the anxiety kind of went away Angelina Jolie Used Her Kids to Diffuse Sexual Tension With X-Men Star Who Had

Angelina Jolie has made several co-stars and fellow actors nervous in the past with her charming and lethal personality. Being the epitome of a femme fatale, the actress has almost always portrayed action roles with just the right amount of seductiveness.

Working alongside  Schreiber in the 2010 film called Salt, the actor revealed that there was a lot of anxiety and sexual tension in the beginning. This later on turned out to be a very memorable friendship as both Jolie and Schreiber were parents of two kids and it threw all the anxiety away.

This isn’t the first time Jolie has had something like this happen to her. Several actors have often found themselves at a loss for words upon meeting Jolie for the first time since they do not know her charming and humble personality which makes her a great friend.

Stating that there was a kind of sexual tension between him and the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actress, Schreiber quickly found comfort with her when they talked about their respective children.

Schreiber further talked about how they eventually diffused the situation with an unlikely solution. Stating how all the sexual tension and the anxiety went out of the room, Schreiber revealed that the two became comfortable with each other after talking about being parents to two kids.

I  hadn’t known her very well, at all. I was very nervous in the beginning. I get very nervous around famous people and I get nervous around beautiful women. This was a big double whammy for me and initially really uncomfortable, which was worrying me.

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