Anne Hathaway after 20 years: The beautiful beauty princess of Hollywood “showed off her code” into a talented sharp-toothed witch

After two decades of working with cinema, “beautiful sister” Anne Hathaway has had a brilliant career and has become one of the most expensive actresses in Hollywood today.

20 years after starring in her first movie , Princess Diary , Anne Hathaway plays the ugly Ultimate Witch in a new work called Witches, Witches.

Her new image in the movie made a strong impression on viewers right from the moment the trailer was released because it was completely different from the usual image.

Anne Hathaway was born in 1982 in a family whose father is a lawyer and mother is an artist. Her name is named after the wife of the great poet William Shakespeare.

At the age of 6, Anne saw her mother play the role of Fantine in the musical Les Misérables and since then, she has been inspired to follow the arts. Anne’s first acting role was in the TV series Get Real which ran from 1999 to 2000.

In 2000, at the age of 19, Anne Hathaway was suddenly given the lead role in her first movie, Princess Diary.

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