Anne Hathaway feels “lost face” if she doesn’t win an Oscar

Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway recalls feeling nervous and nervous as she waited for the award for “Les Miserables.” Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster Interstellar about the space universe by director Christopher Nolan is “storming” in cinemas around the world.

The trio of main members of the film, including director Nolan and the Oscar-winning couple , actress Anne At the launch media event of Interstellar in Shanghai, China on November 12, the Les Miserables star shared her thoughts on the making of the film with the crew and the Oscar-winning emotion from the art house film The People. Miserables/Les Misérables 2013.

Hathaway and actor Matthew McConaughey, are often busy with schedules to promote the film in many countries. Anne Hathaway received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for Rachel Getting Married (2008), it was not until Les Miserables (2012) that she won the noble golden statue for her outstanding efforts in acting. ingenious.

It wasn’t until a few days before the awards night that I suddenly realized this, so if I didn’t win the prize I would definitely feel very embarrassed”, recalls Anne Hathaway: “ When I was announced as a person Winning the award makes me feel very light and proud that my acting has been acknowledged “, the actress confided.

Fame doesn’t come from a fall

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