Black Swan star Mila Kunis says ‘people who say they can’t lose weight are lying’

She shed an astonishing 20lb from her already slim frame to play a ballerina in Oscar-winning movie Black Swan. And now Mila Kunis has admitted losing the weight has entirely changed her views on body image. The 40-year-old actress, a self-confessed ‘foodie’, said she was stunned with how much her body was capable of changing.

Mila Kunis revealed her views on body image changed after she had to lose 20lb for Oscar-winning movie Black Swan

Mila had to put her body through a punishing regime to star in Black Swan

In a new interview with Glamour magazine, Mila says people who say they can’t lose weight are just being naive

Mila looking curvier back in 2001, and showing off her figure in a tight red dress at a premiere last month

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