Did Harry Styles Spit at his Co-Star Chris Pine?

The American psychological thriller movie Don’t Worry, Darling will come out in 2022. Olivia Wilde is the director. Katie Silberman wrote the script for the film, which was based on a story written by Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke, and Silberman. In a video circulating on media, Harry styles seem to be spitting on Chris Pine. Here’s the truth behind it.

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Styles, who used to be in the band One Direction, has caused a stir on the internet after he was said to have walked up to Pine’s chair at the Venice Film Festival and spat iwashis lap. He is dating Olivia Wilde, and she is there when the incident happened. A video shows Pine clapping enthusiastically as Styles sits in the seat next to him. But Chris Pine looks surprised and looks down at his leg. And he also sticks out his tongue as if he doesn’t believe it.

Harry Styles And Chris Pine on the premiere of the movie

The singer of “As It Was” then gives Pine a funny look in return, but the singer is too busy fixing his jacket and smiling around the room to notice Pine’s reaction. Fans think that Styles wanted to spit in Pine’s lap while they were both at the famous event, but no one knows for sure what happened between the two people. Others, on the other hand, think that all Pine was doing was adjusting his sunglasses, which he kept between his knees.

Here is what Happened, According to Rep

More than 1.5 million people watched this video of the two actors. In a statement to Variety, Pine’s rep said, “This is a ridiculous story. It is a lie resulting from an odd online illusion that is false and leads to silly speculation.” “This is a silly story based on a strange online trick that is false and leads to nonsense speculation.” “Let there be no confusion: Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine, despite what people say. Any suggestion to the contrary is an apparent attempt to create drama between these two men that don’t exist. They only have respect for each other.

A source close to the Venice Film Festival told Variety that there was no tension between Styles and Pine during the premiere and that no one at the event brought up the idea that they might spit at each other. Variety has also been in touch with a Styles representative.

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