Did Selena Gomez’s Stalkers Force Her To Abandon Her Mansion?

A global pop sensation, Selena Gomez has garnered immense love and fame worldwide. Despite her success, she’s faced the dark side of stardom—stalkers who overstep boundaries. One particular incident stands out, involving a relentless stalker who invaded her privacy and forced her to take a drastic step. Let’s delve into this unsettling saga.

In 2014, a homeless man named Che Thomas Cruz made headlines for repeatedly trespassing on Selena Gomez’s Calabasas property. Breaking into her guesthouse multiple times, Cruz’s actions raised alarm bells. In the aftermath, the court-mandated him to undergo psychological treatment and stay 200 yards away from Gomez and her residence for a decade. Unfortunately, this ruling failed to quell Gomez’s fears, leaving her no choice but to take a life-altering decision.

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