Friends fans spot something very creepy in The One with Rachel’s New Dress

With all episodes of Friends available on Netflix, fans of the show have been binge-watching the programme. And while many are just enjoying the nostalgia, some can’t help but noticing the little mistakes the show made over the years.

From continuity errors with Rachel’s pregnancy to mistakes with Monica’s wedding dress, we’ve learnt so much about the show over the last few months.

Now eagle-eyed fans are back at it again, spotting something rather bizarre about a classic episode from season four. Reddit users have noticed something weird about The One with Rachel’s New Dress – and it’s all to do with a creepy statue in the background of a scene.

In the episode, Jennifer Aniston’s character is planning a romantic evening with her new love interest, Joshua. However things don’t quite go to plan, when her date freaks out about Joey and Chandler’s duck and chick.

The couple try and resolve the situation by heading over to Joshua’s parents house, where the young man is staying following his divorce.

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