Gal Gadot trades in the heels for slippers during grocery run in LA… following wild success of Red Notice

Gal Gadot traded in her heels for slippers as she picked up groceries from Bristol Farms in Hollywood. The actress 36 made her way down the sidewalk in a loose-fitting white tank top and a pair of navy Bleusalt leggings.

While her outfit easily could’ve been a workout ensemble her footwear made it clear that she wasn’t on her way to the gym. She held a large black tote bag full of goodies in her right hand and her wallet hung from her shoulder.

The Wonder Woman actress shielded her eyes from the sun with a pair of dark round sunglasses and had her hair tied back in a loose bun.

The 49-year-old former WWE wrestler posted a video to Instagram along with a caption touting his new movie’s success. Guys you have turned Red Notice into a true iconic global and cultural phenomenon.

The Rock said in an Instagram video posted Friday. In just 11 days you have made Red Notice the biggest movie in the history of Netflix.

Like an unstoppable force, you are also making Red Notice the most-watched property in the history of Netflix in film or in television. In the video, the Rock raises a glass of his tequila Teremana to his followers who have watched the movie and thanks them for their support.

As of this past Wednesday People reported that Red Notice had been watched for nearly 278 million hours while Bird Box which starred Sandra Bullock has been watched for an approximated 282 million hours.

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