How to get Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairstyle “The Rachel Cut”

Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairstyle has been copied since her ‘Friends’ days. Chris McMillian, her celebrity hairdresser, offers tips on how to get her to look. Jennifer Aniston’s hair has been through a great deal. From “The Rachel” to her current lob, she’s always one step ahead. Below is a gallery of her hair through the years.

Get Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairstyle “The Rachel”

How to get Jennifer Aniston's signature hairstyle "The Rachel Cut"

The famous TV show “Friends” inspired Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, to adopt a signature hairdo called “The Rachel.” Begin by getting a haircut of sufficient calibre to get The Rachel hairdo. Rachel’s appearance requires layered cuts to get the desired effect. Ask your hairdresser to give you layers that frame your face and are lengthy and sweeping over the back.

Once you have the basic cut, there are a variety of ways that you may style your hair in the future. Your hair will appear more natural if you let it air dry and then style it with your fingers. Alternately, to have a more put-together appearance, you might blow dry your hair until it is smooth and then use a round brush to produce delicate waves. You may also try smoothing your hair with a flat iron to achieve a sleek and straight look. The Rachel is always fashionable and never goes out of style, no matter how you choose to wear it.

The lob

 Jennifer Aniston's signature hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston has made the lob (also known as the long bob) one of her most recognisable hairstyles. It is a timeless fashion that will never go out of style. Because it can be worn either sleek and straight or wavy and beachy, depending on how it is styled.

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