Here’s How Kaley Cuoco Keeps In Such Phenomenal Shape: She Meals Solely Seafood And Practices Hot Yoga Religiously

How does Kaley Cuoco keep in such amazing shape? She swears by hot yoga and eats only seafood.For more than a decade, Kaley Cuoco has acted in popular TV sitcoms like “8 Simple Rules” and “Big Bang Theory.”


She has been extremely candid in recent years about how hard it may be to stay in shape and how much work it takes, but she still maintains her exercise regimen. After undergoing significant shoulder surgery in October 2018, the actress even posted videos of herself exercising at the gym while using a sling.Here is all the information you need on Kaley Cuoco’s diet and exercise routine.

It’s no secret that Cuoco loves horses, but the “Big Bang Theory” star has stated that she mostly rides for her mental health and that she prefers to exercise in other ways for her physical health.

Although she has acknowledged that it was challenging to locate the ideal class, the actress appears to swear by fitness courses like other celebrities do. To find the workout she truly enjoys, Cuoco admitted to Women’s Health magazine in 2016 that she has tried nearly every fitness technique and class.

Cuoco is a vocal supporter of hot yoga, a kind of yoga practiced in a heated environment that is typically more demanding than standard yoga.Five times a week of yoga has changed the way Cuoco feels about her physique, she told Shape magazine in 2017. “I think having muscle and being toned is gorgeous and seductive. And I owe it entirely to yoga.”

Cuoco claimed that throughout an average day, she consumes foods like vegetables and peanut butter.In the same interview, she revealed to Women’s Health magazine that she frequently eats fish and vegetables at night in addition to fish and toast for breakfast and a half-sandwich for lunch. She said she’ll grab an apple and some peanut butter if she needs a snack.

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