How Megan Fox Was Able To Shed Her Transformers Image For Her Movie

When Megan Fox became famous as a s*x symbol, it was largely in part due to Michael Bay’s portrayal of her character in Transformers. Since then, she has struggled to shed the image, being both objectified and vilified for her later roles that leaned into it. But with her movie Rogue, Megan Fox seems to be taking steps away from it.

When tackling her latest project Rogue, director M.J. Bassett, known for directing Silent Hill: Revelation, wasn’t interested in Megan Fox’s s*xualized baggage for the lead character. But, Bassett told THR that she was confident that Megan Fox could remove it for the role. Here’s what the filmmaker said about the actress:

She’s very quiet. She’s very thoughtful. She’s deeply committed to environmental issues, which of course was the first thing I was concerned about with this movie. But she’s also aware of how she’s perceived through the work that she’s done before, and the legacy of what Michael Bay made her into with Transformers. She became this iconic young woman, who was s*xualized and turned into an object of lust for men across the planet. Now I didn’t want any of that baggage because I’m not interested in it for the character. I’m not very interested in it personally, but she also knows that she could shed it. And with this character, she was able to do it because Samantha O’Hara, as a character, is not a s*xual character in any way, shape or form. She’s just another badass human being who’s leading other badass human beings into this story.

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