Jennifer Aniston Received Criticism After Posting This on Instagram

There are hardly any people who have recently become embroiled in controversies and been lambasted by critics over the internet. Aniston is one of those celebs who will never become an active participant in social media celebrity culture.Jennifer Aniston Received Criticism after posting this on Instagram. She is so lacking in talent that she cannot even master the technique of attracting attention through social media. Jennifer Aniston became a contentious symbol on social media after she posted something during  “Covid 19 .” After posting a picture of a COVID-19 Christmas ornament on her Instagram story, she was subjected to trolling online.

Jennifer Aniston Received Criticism After Posting This on Instagram

Aniston published a picture of a Christmas ornament made of wood, on which was engraved the phrase “Our first pandemic 2020” in one of her Instagram stories.

And this one piece of writing is packed to the brim with hugely contentious assertions for the general public.

The ornament in her narrative was a $5 custom-made design sold by an Etsy shop called Rustic Raleigh, according to Brittany Sutton, the owner of the shop. This information was obtained from one of the Insider news articles. Fans of the Friends star on social media are guessing that the ornament belongs to the actress even though she has neither confirmed it. On the other hand, Sutton would not ensure or deny whether or not Aniston was the actual purchaser. And about famous people who have gotten into more severe difficulty, Lori Loughlin was just released from prison, but she is still serving her sentence.

Almost immediately, many began criticising Aniston for appearing to make light of the pandemic.

Aniston’s COVID Christmas ornament drew criticism from a significant number of users on the internet, who stated that it was in poor taste and that the celebrity was obviously “out of touch with reality.”

On Twitter, a user retweeted Aniston’s story with the caption “I’ve had enough of affluent people.” The tweet has been liked close to 470,000 times and shared close to 68,000 times. And for even more celebrity COVID scandals. Tom Cruise is currently being criticised for perhaps violating a guideline set forth by the CDC himself.

On the other hand, some people have been eager to defend Aniston.

However, other people aren’t upset with Aniston’s ornament. There have been some supporters of the celebrity who have stated that the ornament was only a prank. One Twitter user commented that “everyone copes differently” and that Aniston used comedy to deal with the pandemic because she was coping with it.

Others have been quick to point out that the star that she has taken the pandemic seriously. By pointing out everything that she has done in the past to promote awareness Covid 19. Aniston brought attention to the significance of wearing masks when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram. More recently, she created an Instagram story highlighting local companies that people could support all over the country.

Since Aniston began using social media, she has rarely been involved in contentious situations like this one.

When Aniston finally joined Instagram in October 2019, she made headlines and almost single-handedly “broke the internet.” She got a Guinness World Record for the fastest Instagram account to reach 1 million followers in just a little more than 5 hours. The number of admirers who were anxious about the actor’s arrival was so high that she broke the record.

Since then, Aniston has, up to this point, managed to stay out of the spotlight about any scandal.

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