Jennifer Lopez Reveals Her Toned Tush in a Hammock Butt Selfie

ICYMI, it’s Leo season, and Jennifer Lopez is all about celebrating it to its fullest. What else is one of the most famous Leos to do after turning 50? Well, this weekend, she shared a butt selfie (a.k.a. belfie) of herself soaking up every bit of that summer sunshine to Instagram.

Her beloved behind is the clear star of this snap, while J. Lo is relaxing in an overwater hammock and staring off beyond the edge of the frame. She’s totally blissing out, but her booty doesn’t take a break. Even in this pose, her glutes and her leg muscles are defined. (…And her back…and arms and…well, you get it.)

She also captioned the post: “I ♥️summertime #julybaby#leoseason 📸 by: @lacarba.” It certainly looks like summertime loves the celeb right back.

J. Lo is serious body goals, and has been for decades. She’s worked hard to keep up her enviable ass-ets over the years, and clearly doesn’t skip leg day or any workout in between. In addition to dancing her way around the world on her tour this summer, Jenny from the block works out with her superstar fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. Their couple workouts are adorable and intense. They’re also both are TruFusion devotees, with A.Rod describing the workout as a mix of hot yoga and Barry’s Bootcamp, per People.

With or without her workout buddy, J.Lo knocks out hard routines like they’re nbd. She whips battle ropes, does biceps curls (with heavy weights), and pushes a weighted sled in a recent Youtube workout video with A.Rod.


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