Jennifer Lopez seen on set of Ben Affleck’s Unstoppable for first time as she gets in character with a fake arm TATTOO

Jennifer Lopez has seen in character for the first time on the set of Ben Affleck’s film Unstoppable in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The actress, 53, had a large fake tattoo of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on her upper right arm — reminiscent to the very real cross tattoo on husband Ben’s right arm.

Like Ben’s, Jennifer’s is surrounded by bright red flowers while the rest is drawn out in black ink. Unstoppable is Ben and collaborator Matt Damon’s second feature with Artists Equity, the independent film production company they launched last year.

Its debut film was the sports drama Air, which tells the story of Nike’s iconic partnership with NBA star Michael Jordan. It premiered in April and has since been made available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Ben and Matt were in final talks to start production on Unstoppable in March, according to Deadline. It follows the three-time All-American wrestler Anthony Robles, who, despite being born with one leg, went on to win a national championship at Arizona State.

William Goldberg – known for his editing work on Ben’s films Argo (2012) and Air (2023) – is helming the project. Jennifer’s role is currently unknown and a release date has yet to be revealed.

For the shoot, Jennifer was casually dressed in flared blue jeans and a sleeveless purple top as she prepared to step in front of the camera.

Instead of her typical honey-toned hair, the Hustlers star rocked a voluminous brunette wig styled in loose curls. It was her massive tattoo that caught the eye as she tucked her hair behind her ear in one shot.

Jennifer’s husband Ben is no stranger to large tattoos as he’s gotten six on his body over the years. Most recently, Jennifer unveiled that she and the Argo actor got matching tattoos to honor their ‘commitment’ to each other.

Ben has a pair of overlapping arrows under his armpit area with the letters J and B between them, while Lopez is inked on her left side with an infinity sign with an arrow on it that read the words ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Ben.’

Jennifer called the permanent tributes ‘sexy’ as she showed them off on Valentine’s Day.

But the Maid In Manhattan star isn’t a fan of all of her man’s tattoos — particularly the giant, colorful phoenix that takes up his entire back.

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