Megan Fox confidently showcases her stunning figure in a bikini, accompanied by a mysterious message following her separation from MGK

Megan Fox shared a cryptic post with her followers on social media recently, amid speculation that she has reconciled with her partner Machine Gun Kelly following rumors that they were on a break. Megan Fox shared a cryptic post on social media in which she seemingly hinted at new beginnings amid speculation that she and Machine Gun Kelly are now “back together”.

The actress, 37, took to Instagram on Sunday to share two photos of herself with her followers, including a photo that showcased her toned figure in a black bikini. The other photo showed Megan posing at a beach, with her sporting brown hair that was much shorter than the hairstyle she’s had at recent events over the last few weeks.

The former card relates to new beginnings, whilst the latter card is said to signify renewed hope and faith, as well as the person feeling inspired and empowered. It comes following speculation that Megan and her partner Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), 33 – whose real name is Colson Baker – have been working on their relationship.

The caption may be hinting at them having a fresh start, with Megan potentially feeling hopeful for the future with him. Alternatively, it could signify that she is now single. Megan and MGK – who are understood to have become romantically involved back in 2020 – were said to have been “on a break” in March and working on their “issues”.

The rapper supported Megan at her Sports Illustrated issue launch event in New York City last month and it was claimed around the time that he was trying to “get her back”. It comes amid speculation that she’s been working on her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, who joined her at a Sports Illustrated event on May 18

A source told TMZ that they were “super affectionate” that evening and couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The outlet said that MGK was spotted kissing Megan in the city. Whilst a source told People magazine around the same time: “They are slowly working on reconciling”. It was claimed that Megan was “making [MGK] work for it” though.

The source added at the time that he has “a lot of proving himself to do” and it was suggested that the relationship was a “work in progress,” with wedding planning “halted”. More recently, Megan and MGK were spotted in London just a few days ago, including being seen together at an event on Wednesday night (May 31) after having arrived in the UK.

Their visit comes shortly after a source told People magazine the week prior: “They are back together. They have explored therapy. Things are still not back to normal though.”

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