Megan Fox travels in style as she leaves Sydney wearing winter mukluks and tribal jewellery

For most people, travel necessities cover sleeping tablets, an eye mask and if you’re really glamorous – face mist. But actress Megan Fox has added three new must-haves to this list when she departed Sydney airport on Tuesday.

The brunette actress was seen holding a dream dictionary and was dripping in tribal jewellery, not to mention wearing comfy mukluks – soft winter boots worn first by Native North Americans.

The actress was in Sydney for the première of her new flick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Sunday. But, switching from her high heels and glitzy body hugging dresses that we saw her wear at the premier and photo call this week, the American starlet quickly morphed into a more comfortable outfit.

Dressed down in all black – bar the grey mukluks – the actress choose stretchy sweat pants, a black knit tank top and a loose cardigan. Black ray-bans hid her eyes and layers of tribal chains and rings were dripped around her slender neck and from her fingers.

A bold red handbag was strapped over her arm and three paper back books were clasped in her hand – one interestingly on the meaning of dreams.

It was only on Saturday that the glamorous star was caught holding a book about ancient civilizations! The brunette babe wore a heavy jade stone around her neck, a gem often worn as a dream-enhancer.

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