Megan Fox’s Take On Diablo Lore Goes Deep

It’s been a few weeks since Diablo IV launched, and there have been hundreds of millions of deaths as players roam Sanctuary. But a lucky group of gamers had a distinct honor that not even could have bestowed: having their characters’ untimely deaths roasted by none other than Megan  this month, the actress collaborated with gaming publisher Blizzard to offer eulogies of players who died in the latest installment of the popular action roleplaying franchise.

The wicked jokes were something that resonated with Fox. I think a beautiful dark gothic vision with an evil sense of humor, [which is] also my bio in a dating app. she tells Refinery29 in an exclusive campaign is hardly the first time a gaming publisher has capitalized on star power.

Megan Fox I actually grew up playing consoles instead of PC games so I didn’t have a lot of firsthand experience with the game previously, but I was very aware of it from many of my friends who were/are obsessed with it. It’s out on consoles now so I can play! I’m partial to Necromancer.

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