Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Spotted With Their 2 Kids in Rare Public Outing

They seem to have the perfect family, but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are barely all spotted together with their kids, so this recent public appearance in Bel-Air can be filed under “quite rare.”

While no third baby is on the way yet, a source once told Life & Style that Mila “wouldn’t mind having another child with Ashton by her side.” Well let’s wait and see if that occurs! But for now, the lovely duo are very happy with their small family.

Even though Mila is a big-time actress, she once said that her daughter has no clue what she does for a living. “She kind of thinks that mommy gets hair and makeup done for a living — that’s what I do,” she said while on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Because she comes to the hair and makeup trailer, and then she leaves. She saw this billboard of me with the Santa hat and she says, ‘Huh! That’s silly. Why is mommy wearing a Santa hat?’”

She continued, “I don’t know how to even explain to her what I do for a living, so I don’t know when she’s going to see any of my movies, because none of them are OK. None of them! I clearly don’t make movies for children, you guys.”

While Dmitri is a lovely name, Ashton once revealed that they almost gave their son a Disney-inspired name. “We were set on Walt, like Walt Disney. No Walter — just Walt,” he said during an On Air With Ryan Seacrest interview. “But then it changed last minute. We were driving in the car and Mila turns to me and she’s like, ‘I don’t think that our son’s name is Walt. I think it’s Dimitri.”

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