Mila Kunis Is Back on the Red Carpet After Giving Birth to Son

Mila Kunis was almost glowing when she went to Las Vegas for CinemaCon. The actress, who had a baby boy with her husband Ashton Kutcher in November, looked amazing in a black jumpsuit by Brunello Cucinelli and did her best poses as she walked down the red carpet. Mila told People at the event about what it was like to add a baby boy to her family. She already had a 2-year-old daughter named Wyatt “There are two, so it’s different. He’s also 3 months old, and you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have sleepless nights. Guys, I remember. Talk to me.”

Mila is also getting ready to film the much-anticipated sequel to Bad Moms, which she says is “so weird.” “I think that everyone, not just women and mothers, is so grateful that it gave them a voice. Even men come up to me and say, “This movie is so good. I finally get my mom and my wife a lot better.’ Because it’s real, people really liked it. Yes, it’s funny and over the top, but it’s also based on a lot of truth “she said. Mila and Ashton got married in July 2015. The last time the actress walked the red carpet was at a screening of Bad Moms in July 2016, but we did see her at a LA Dodgers game in October 2016.


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