Mila Kunis looks INCREDIBLE in black corseted dress just FOUR months after giving birth

It’s certainly not unusual for a celebrity mother to snap right back into shape after giving birth.

But Mila Kunis left us gobsmacked as she emerged on for the LA premiere of Jupiter Ascending, just four months after welcoming baby Wyatt.

She wasn’t joined by partner Ashton Kutcher, but her co-star Channing Tatum was on hand for support.

Despite still being in the very early days of motherhood the beautiful brunette revealed she wanted her daughter to be a doctor or lawyer.

The star insists it is too early to worry about her daughter wanting to launch an acting career of her own, but admits she would prefer her to set her sights on a different profession.

Asked if she wants Wyatt to be an actress, Mila told HELLO! magazine: “I’m not really worrying about that now … However, if my kid could be a doctor or a lawyer that would be great because this industry is based on rejection. That’d the first thing you learn, the word ‘no’.

“My parents never wanted me to act. I was only allowed to keep doing it if I got straight As in school.”

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