Queen of American Idol Jennifer Lopez shows off jaw-dropping figure in skin-tight red jumpsuit at farewell party

It was the first of the American Idol live shows last night and Jennifer Lopez made sure all eyes were on her as she hit the red carpet at the XV1 Party in a show-stopping jumpsuit.

Decked out in the red, skin-tight number the 53-year-old flashed ample cleavage in the outfit, which perfectly encased her stunning figure as she celebrated the end of the talent show after 15 years.

Giving a sweet smile on the red carpet the age-defying beauty looked like she was up for a good night ahead of the first live show of the series.

Her happy demeanor had melted away during the live shows though as the reality of Idol coming to an end hit her during Kelly Clarkson’s performance.

Jen was visibly moved as guest judge Kelly gave a powerful rendition of Piece By Piece at the end of the show , which saw the 2002 winner break down.

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