Salma Hayek’s Friend and S*x Symbol Antonio Banderas Lent His Body For Experimentation to Make a Movie With $7000 Budget and Cheap Visual Effects

Antonio Banderas is one of the most successful Spanish actor and director. Banderas has worked with many top-level stars in showbiz and has graced the silver screen by showcasing his incredible, marveled, and breathtaking cinematic skills.

The legendary star performer has starred in dozens of multi-genre films and played different fascinating and unique characters, some of which have become fan favorites.

Throughout the 90s, the actor made waves in the industry by giving non-stop powerful performances. His sultry physique and dashing on-screen persona gained him millions of fans, and he was considered the S-x symbol. In 1995 he co-starred with Salma Hayek in their shared American neo-Western action film Desperado.

The film has a small budget of only $ 7,000, and there were many problems on the set, as Hayek once revealed that the makers shot the project with less equipment due to the small budget.

Salma Hayek Reveals The Struggle Behind Filming Desperado With Co-star Antonio Banderas.Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek gave a breathtaking performance in their shared 1995 American neo-Western action film Desperado.

Both stars received critical acclaim and immense praise and love from the audience. Nevertheless, there are many intriguing anecdotes attached to this project. The flick is a sequel to the 1992 action-packed movie El Mariachi.

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