Seven iconic Jennifer Aniston hairdos that impressed fans.

Jennifer Aniston has been setting hairstyle trends since Friends when she did “The Rachel.” There are the beachy waves that she usually styles, the shorts, and the occasional ponytail. In honour of her latest Emmy nomination for The Morning Show, let’s see how Aniston’s gorgeous hair has changed over time. Check out below the images of Jennifer Aniston with various hairdos.

In 1997

Half Updo With Long Bangs

Jennifer Aniston never flaunts complicated hairstyles on the red carpet. Instead, she always goes for simple looks that are still classy. This look is to die for with its sweet half-updo, natural waves, and glasses.

In 1998

Seven iconic Jennifer Aniston hairdos that impressed fans.

It has to be one of the best ways Jennifer Aniston has styled her hair. The waves look like someone twisted them with their fingers. The rest of her hair is in a half ponytail, clipped up.

In 2001

Seven iconic Jennifer Aniston hairdos that impressed fans.

Jennifer Aniston put her spin on the classic French bob. I love that she didn’t have bangs in this picture. The side parting shows off her face’s best features.

 In 2002

Seven iconic Jennifer Aniston hairdos that impressed fans.

In 2002, Jennifer Aniston won the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Comedy Role for her role in Friends. This was after she had been nominated twice for Best Supporting Actress. When she gave her speech on stage, she was beautiful, and her hair couldn’t have looked better. She had beachy waves that looked a little wet because she added texture.

In 2005

Side-Swept Bangs With Silky Wavy Hair

Side-swept bangs are the best kind of bangs, in my opinion. They look good on all face shapes, hide big cheeks, and bring out the best in your features. The loose waves and lack of makeup make this hairstyle look even more impressive.

In 2008

Around this time, Aniston established herself as the unofficial golden girl of blonde highlight goals.

In 2014

Jennifer Aniston Iconic hairdos

Long layers are Jennifer Aniston’s signature hairstyle, so we never tire of looking at them; instead, they serve to remind us how flawless her current cut is.

In 2016

Messy Ponytail With Side-Swept Bangs

Jennifer is the best at having messy hair. The messy ponytail is just right and makes her cheekbones stand out. Long bangs swept to the side to cover her face and draw attention to her features.

In 2019

Frosted And Highlighted Layers- Jennifer Aniston Hairdos

Framing the face is everything! It makes broad faces look slimmer, short faces look longer, and vice versa. You can slim down your jawline with soft highlights and frosted layers in front. They also give Jen’s classic blonde layered hairstyle a hint of colour.

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