Taylor Swift’s Best Ever Beauty Looks

From the angelic, buttery blonde ringlets of her early days, to the full fringe she’s made her signature latterly, Taylor Swift knows how to switch up her look.

As adept with a bold red lip as she is a soft nude, and a pro at pulling off a statement eye, she is as experimental with her make-up as she with her hair – just two of the many reasons she’s become such an iconic figure in pop culture.

Here, as she drops her newest album, Midnights, Vogue highlights 22 of the former cover star’s best beauty looks.

Taylor Swift is not only a musical sensation but also a style icon known for her ever-evolving beauty looks.

Throughout her career, she has experimented with various haircuts, makeup styles, and fashion choices, leaving a lasting impression on fans and the fashion industry alike.

One of her standout beauty moments was her classic red lip and vintage-inspired cat-eye makeup, which she often sported during her country music days.

As she transitioned into pop music, Swift embraced a more edgy and modern look with bold red lips, smoky eyes, and a signature red hair phase.

In recent years, Taylor has embraced a softer, more natural look with beachy waves, soft makeup, and a focus on her radiant complexion.

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