The 10 Best Mila Kunis Movies and TV Shows, Ranked by IMDb

You’ve had a crush on Mila Kunis since her That ’70s Show days, admit it. Those eyes, that raspy voice – what’s not to love? While the show gave her big break and cemented her status as a sitcom sweetheart, Kunis has since proven herself a powerhouse dramatic actress as well as a gifted comedic performer.

You’ve watched in awe as she’s shapeshifted through roles ranging from a foul-mouthed teen to a butt-kicking secret agent to a drug-addled mother. How does she do it? More importantly, which of her memorable turns deserves the top spot? Never fear, we’ve got you covered. Pour yourself a White Russian, kick back, and enjoy our definitive ranking of Mila Kunis’ 10 best performances according to IMDb. Things are about to get wild.

IMDb Score: 4.1/10

You know a movie is bad when even the charming Mila Kunis can’t save it. At number ten, we have The Color of Time, an artsy film following a poet through his life, The plot revolves around a poet named C.K. Williams coming of age in post-World War II America.

IMDb Score: 5.6/10

This raunchy comedy sees Mila at her cheekiest. In A Bad Moms Christmas, she reprises her role as the pot-smoking, responsibility-shirking mother Carla Dunkler. This time, the bad moms are dealing with the stress of the holidays and their own moms visiting.

IMDb Score: 6.0/10

In The Spy Who Dumped Me, Mila Kunis stars opposite Kate McKinnon as Audrey, an ordinary 30-something whose world is turned upside down when her ex-boyfriend shows up dead in her apartment. As it turns out, he was actually an international spy, and now Audrey and her BFF Morgan are caught in the crosshairs. What ensues is a hilarious globetrotting adventure as the gals try to outwit dangerous assassins hunting them down.

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