Tom Holland Said Zendaya Sliced Her Finger Open Trying to Cook for Him

“I don’t know why she decides to chop up vegetables like she’s some sort of samurai.

She may have two Emmys and a Disney Channel pedigree (and let’s not forget that stint on Dancing With the Stars), but Zendaya won’t be winning any awards in the kitchen according to her boyfriend Tom Holland. During an appearance on the Family Trips With the Meyers Brothers podcast, Spider-Man himself explained that he loves to cook and takes on most of the kitchen duties when they’re together because Zendaya is a hazard to herself when she attempts to wield a knife.

“I would consider myself a good cook,” Holland said. “Zendaya doesn’t seem to like my cooking, but the upside to me cooking over Zendaya cooking is that I’ll finish with 10 digits — and if Zendaya cooks, she’ll slice one of her fingers off.

“I don’t know why she decides to chop up vegetables like she’s some sort of samurai,” the actor joked. “It is the most stressful experience ever. So, I do the majority of the cooking.

“I came home, I saw an empty kitchen with food everywhere, a really bloody rag and a knife, and was I like, ‘Oh my god, what’s happened?’ and she cut herself, like really badly too,” Holland shared. Upon closer inspection, he said that he suggested a trip to the E.R., telling the podcast hosts that he said, “We need to go to the hospital, you need stitches, that is really deep.

Zendaya did end up getting stitches to close the wound, with Holland saying, “She was fine. She was a boss about it,” and adding that she didn’t require anesthesia. He finished by admitting that it wasn’t a one-time ordeal. “She’s cut herself a few times,” he said. “She’ll probably hate me for telling you that story.

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