Wednesday’s Harry Potter Influence Explains Why The Netflix Series Was So Successful

While Netflix’s hit show Wednesday shares a number of similarities with other series, its most obvious and primary influence is another massively popular franchise: Harry Potter. The comedy-horror show about Wednesday Addams’ schooldays at Nevermore Academy continues to go from strength to strength and is now the streaming giant’s most-watched English-language series. The influence of Harry Potter has helped create a show that is proving irresistible to audiences.

How Wednesday Borrows From Harry Potter

The Harry Potter Format Makes Wednesday A Modern Addams Family Story

Wednesday Filled A Harry Potter Void

Its popularity shows no signs of abating, and with some loose ends remaining, future possibilities hinted at by the cast, and the showrunners stating they want to delve deeper into the Addams family relationships, it seems that Wednesday season 2 could prove as popular as the first.

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