What Went Down Between Michael Bay & Megan Fox in the Transformers Franchise?

Hollywood’s behind-the-scenes practices can be morally corrupt, with the treatment of actors like Megan Fox revealing the industry’s misogyny.Megan Fox’s portrayal in Michael Bay’s Transformers films was sexually exploitative, and she faced workplace dangers on set.Fox’s controversial remarks about Bay led to her firing from the franchise, highlighting the power dynamics within the industry.

Despite the magic of filmmaking that Hollywood casts upon the industry, behind-the-scenes machinations of some of the most popular and renowned creations are often quite nefarious.


As a commercial enterprise, protecting the bottom dollar leads to morally corrupt practices and rationales in Hollywood, starting from pre-production to distribution. Even as the media and public are expected to be more perceptive of unethical business strategies.

Still a valuable commodity after the recent release of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in 2023, Bay’s series adapted from the toy brand by Hasbro and cartoon of the same name appeared to be an unlikely contender for a major blockbuster. The director, off the heels of heavily stylized hits that are unabashedly proud of pure spectacle in Bad Boys, The Rock, and Armageddon, infused his juvenile and jingoistic sensibilities into his most mainstream bid.

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