Who Wednesday’s Mystery Stalker Really Is: Xavier Already Solved Season 2’s Biggest Mystery

At the end of Wednesday season 1, a major question was left about who was beginning to stalk Wednesday, however, the culprit may be someone she already knows, yet has never met before. Wednesday follows the infamous Wednesday Addams as she transfers to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for outcasts, and begins investigating a series of strange occurrences happening in and around the school. The end of Wednesday season 1 sees the titular character defeating Marilyn Thornhill and Joseph Crackstone, yet being plagued by a new threat, a stalker, on her way home for holiday break.


Wednesday Season 1 Teased Vincent Thorpe For Season 2


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Why Vincent Thorpe Could Have A Problem With Wednesday


Furthermore, there is a chance that Wednesday’s investigations into Nevermore are coming close to revealing a secret of Vincent’s. Considering how carefully he protects his reputation, Vincent could be targeting Wednesday because of how easily she opens up old Nevermore wounds and connections.


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