Why Jennifer Aniston Cried Out Uncontrollably?

Jennifer Aniston is one of the best actors in Hollywood. But her career has had far too many ups and downs to be genuinely successful. On the other hand, a great job often comes with some truly horrible experiences.Jennifer Aniston cried once uncontrobally on her Friend’s  Co star lap.

Jennifer made her debut in the entertainment industry with an uncredited role in the movie “Mac and Me” (1988). Her first significant appearance in a film was in the horror comedy Leprechaun, which was released in 1993. Later in her career, she became known worldwide for her performance as Rachel Green on the television comedy Friends, from 1994 through 2004, and for which she won several awards.
Jennifer Aniston may have won the “Cake” award for the most extreme cleavage show at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. But she was unsuccessful in her bid to win the Best Actress award, which Julianne Moore ultimately won.

It would appear that nobody cared about Jennifer Aniston’s “Cake,” although it was one of the very first dramas she starred in and received very high honours.

On 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, actors Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston react following the announcement that they have been nominated for an award. (Screen capture)

Jennifer Aniston cried uncontrollably on her ‘Friends’ co-star’s lap

Thankfully, Meryl Streep was there to offer her a shoulder to weep on during the awards event.She also comforted her by hugging her. Jennifer went up to the Academy Award winner at her table (where Meryl sat with “Pretty Woman” actor Julia Roberts), and then she gave her daughter a motherly embrace. Meryl was seated with Julia Roberts.

The compassionate Meryl Streep consoled Aniston, and who better to understand the ache of loss than Streep?

On 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jennifer Aniston is excited after hearing her name announced among the nominees. (Screen capture). Before she finally took home the trophy, Meryl Streep had seven nominations for a Screen Actors Guild Award.
Therefore, the actress from “Cake” chose her as her comforter because she was the ideal candidate for the role.

Jennifer had bad luck recently, including losing to Julianne Moore at the Golden Globes 2015. And getting snubbed for her first-ever Oscar nomination. The snub at the SAG awards was the latest in a string of disappointments for Jennifer.

Jennifer and Justin, both actors, were spotted at the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 25, 2015, in Los Angeles, California.Following the announcement of the Oscar nominations, there was a great deal of discussion about the snub of Jennifer Aniston.

Many people were confused as to why Jennifer Aniston, who received a nomination for her performance. In the film “Cake,” was omitted from the list of nominees for the Academy Awards.

She joked about it on the Ellen DeGeneres show, saying, “I’m the No. 1 snubbed!”.  “So that’s the bright side of things, right?”

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