Zendaya Is A Tennis Star In First ‘Challengers’ Trailer

Get ready for a young star to take the advantage point on the court, as MGM has released the first trailer for Luca Guadagnino’s Challengers. The movie will be a romantic sports comedy that will dive head-first into the world of tennis, placing the drama between a couple on the spotlight while an athlete has to play in the context of a very uncomfortable situation.

Zendaya will be in charge of playing Tashi Duncan, and after a long losing streak, the character decides to send her husband, Art, into a Challenger event. If you aren’t familiar with tennis, a Challenger event is the most basic level of the professional tour, meaning that Art will have to go back basics after playing at Grand Slam events.

Guadagnino’s had an impressive run ever since he directed Call Me By Your Name. While the filmmaker has focused on prestigious, independent dramas over the past several years, it’s nice to see him sit back and relax with a romantic comedy that will show tennis in a new light.

After making her husband and ex-boyfriend clash on the tennis court, Zendaya is set to return to Arrakis, as Dune: Part Two quickly approaches its November release date. Even if she had a minor role in the first installment, Chani will play a very prominent part.


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