Zendaya May Have Started Something With Her “Lilac Crush” Square Nails

Whenever I go to the nail salon and the manicurist asks if I want them square or round, I always opt for an oval-round shape as I never felt that anything in the square shape would fit my elongated hands.

It’s a proven fact that Zendaya is one of the coolest humans on the planet. Even Beyonce was waiting for her turn to speak to her at the Louis Vuitton Men’s show in Paris.

While we were marveling over the Bey and Z moment, the pics of her sitting in front row caught our attention.

The star usually keeps her nails very short or filed oval, so it was a surprising left take to see her rocking nail extensions with acrylics or press-on nails which are known for their square shapes.

The Euphoria star wore a sequined number for the occasion and matched her nails to the light blue sequins on the lewk.

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