Zendaya rocks a tiny yellow Bikni while frolicking in the pool with puppy Noon

Zendaya relaxed poolside at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The 21-year-old actress rocked a tiny, yellow ʙικιɴι as she played in the water with her nearly three-year-old dog Noon.

‘Anyone who knows Noon knows he does not f*** with the pool (so proud mom moment) he got to the first step all on his own,’ she said on Instagram.

Zendaya is a vegetarian due to her love for animals.

‘[It’s] definitely not because I love vegetables,’ she said on her app at the time. ‘I don’t like the taste of meat. It actually makes me feel weird. The only thing I kind of miss are my mom’s famous turkey burgers, but that’s it!’

She left behind her carnivore ways at the age 11 after coming across a slaughterhouse with her dad.

‘I thought it was awful, all those animals getting packed up in there waiting to be killed,’ she said. ‘I couldn’t believe that’s how I’d been getting my meat!

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