12 Surprising Details Fans Missed in The Big Bang Theory

12 Surprising Details Fans Missed in The Big Bang Theory

The cast of The Big Bang Theory has made many of us laugh with their quirks and nerdy jokes for 12 seasons and over a decade. But sometimes, even when we watch the episodes repeatedly, we still miss important scenes and details. Some people with sharp eyes have seen things that most of us have forgotten, like foreshadowing and Easter eggs.

1. the colour of his T-shirts shows Sheldon’s feelings. Red means he’s mad, blue is worth he’s sad, orange means hungry, yellow capital he’s scared, and purple tool he’s in love.

2. The first three digits of the number Pi and Albert Einstein’s birthday are the same as Amy’s apartment door number (March 14).

3. The characters are cleaning clothes in the laundry room that matches what they wore in the last episode.

4. Bernadette’s voice goes from deep to high-pitched during the show. The tone of her own mother’s voice gave actress Melissa Rauch ideas.

5. Sheldon’s favourite number is 73, and we find out why in episode 73. For example, it is the 21st prime number, which is something that no other number is.

6. The clothes in Amy’s painting are the same ones Penny and Amy wore in The Vacation Solution, an earlier episode.

7. Penny’s fridge contains Easter eggs and photos of Kaley Cuoco with other cast members and people who worked on the show.

8. Amy has two moms. In season 11, the role was played by Cathy Bates instead of Annie O’Donnell.

9. Stuart’s comic book store had an actual website with the domain name thecomiccenter.com. It’s no longer online, which is too bad.

10. The show’s creators hired a physicist to make sure that all of the equations were correct, except for one episode where they were done on purpose to be wrong.

11. Howard’s phone ringtone almost became the show’s theme song. She Blinded Me With Science is the name of the song.

12. Once Sheldon promised to be with Amy, the psychic Penny told him he would win the Nobel Prize.

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