16 Wildest TV Guest Stars Who People Still Can’t Believe Actually Appeared On These Shows

1. Taylor Swift on New Girl

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“I wasn’t expecting it at all, and it was so funny how she was the one who declared her love for the groom at Cece’s wedding.”

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on Sister, Sister

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“Definitely when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appeared on Sister, Sister on the episode ‘Slime Party.’ It was so cool to see two pairs of celebrity twins ‘competing’ against each other on the game show. It was super funny when Ashley (or was it Mary-Kate?) came out with that cheeky bit of ‘advice’ that was certainly not ‘Love your sister no matter what happens, ’cause nothing’s better than family.’ Sorry, Tia!”

3. Snooki on Supernatural

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“Snooki on Supernatural as a crossroads demon. When Sam asked if he could call her Snooki, she said, ‘No. It’s Nicole now’…and how it made so much sense that she was a demon the whole time…lmao.”

4. Stormy Daniels on Saturday Night Live

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“When the real Stormy Daniels came on SNL [in the] cold open, I WAS SURPRISED.”

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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“He was one of the show’s fans who helped get it picked up by NBC, and then they had him star as Amy’s brother. He was perfect for the role.”

6. Stephen Hawking on The Big Bang Theory

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“100% Stephen Hawking on The Big Bang Theory. I don’t care about the Star Wars guys; this guy developed the original Big Bang Theory. He is the show’s namesake, and he was pretty much the biggest genius of his time.”

7. Mark Hamill on What We Do in the Shadows

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“It’s such an outrageous show already, then Mark comes in and does his whole thing as Jim the Vampire. They set it up for him to return, so I’m excited to see if that happens!”

8. Billy Crystal and Robin Williams on Friends

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“My favorite cameo of the show!”

9. Britney Spears on Jane the Virgin

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“The sequence where Britney Spears and her crew march through the Marbella hotel in Jane the Virgin.”

10. Julia Roberts on Friends

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“Matthew Perry had to write an essay about quantum physics [for her to guest star]!”

11. Joe Biden on Parks and Recreation

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“It was a running gag throughout the show that Leslie had a major crush on him, and it was so funny that they could get him and Jill on the show.”

12. Prince on New Girl

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“Could you imagine? You have your successful TV show, and Prince comes on, and he’s the boss!! *snap* As it should be.”

13. Paul McCartney on BoJack Horseman

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14. Paris Hilton on Supernatural

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“When Paris Hilton guest-starred on Supernatural as a shapeshifting god and knocked out Dean Winchester with her heels. It was funny to see Paris Hilton on a dark show like Supernatural and meta since both Paris Hilton and Jared Padalecki were in House of Wax together.”

15. James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory

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“James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory convinced me he is a national treasure.”

16. Britney Spears on HIMYM

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