7 Things Fans Hate The Most About Rachel Karen

Rachel Karen Greene was desirous, manipulative and misleading. Her person advanced triviality in excellent ladies and hasn’t actually matured well.

The series is now infamous for being problematic in more ways than one. And Rachel embodied several of those issues that fans today would have a bone to pick with. From promoting stereotypes of beauty to clichés about beautiful women being shallow, superficial, and selfish, Rachel wasn’t all that she seemed.

Rachel Being Jealous

In the event that Ross was possessive of Rachel, then, at that point, Rachel also wasn’t a long ways behind. Truth be told, her envy of Ross’ accomplices, as Julie, Emily, and Bonnie was practically agonizing to watch.

 Bonnie Incident

Rachel’s job in the Bonnie undertaking was despicable, most definitely. She had first gave off an impression of being alright with Bonnie gathering Ross since she reviewed her bare head and realized that Ross wouldn’t think that she is alluring. His biases were at that point something about Ross that has matured ineffectively on Friends, yet Rachel empowered it.

Falling for Joshua

Rachel’s most humiliating second came when she ended up slobbering over her client, Joshua, at Ralph Lauren. She liked him nearly when he strolled into her office and she became frantic to intrigue him at any rate, which was stunningly amateurish.

She Dated Tag

Rachel dated her associate, youthful Tag, which was ridiculously improper in any case – he was her subordinate, she stayed quiet about their relationship, and she nearly got terminated for it. What was more awful was the amateurish way where she acted with him during his meeting, asking him inquiries that were totally inadmissible and individual.

She Was Irresponsible:

Rachel’s flighty nature was important for her person as a ruined rich young lady. Rachel scarcely at any point dealt with the condo she imparted to Monica. She didn’t do clothing (she didn’t have a clue how, from the get go) and never helped out in planning food.

She IS Selfish:

Rachel could turn to dishonesty effectively and didn’t appear to have an exceptionally solid moral compass on occasion. She was likewise exceptionally egotistical and didn’t actually mind whose toes she was stepping on to get what she needed.

She Spoiled Ross’ Wedding With Emily

Quite possibly the most stunning things that Rachel did on Friend was the point at which she flew the entire way to London, not to go to Ross’ wedding, however to let him know that she adored him on his big day.


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