Bernadette’s Biggest-Secret On The Big Bang Theory

The popular characters on “The Big Bang Theory” cause viewers to laugh, cry, and gasp in horror when important secrets are revealed throughout the show’s 12-season run, including Bernadette Rostenkowski.

In Season 3 of the popular CBS comedy, Bernadette makes her debut when her friend Penny (Kaley Cuoco) invites her to go on a double date with Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and his single buddy Howard Wolowitz. Things aren’t going well at first since Bernadette disapproves of every hobby Howard has, including magic, computers, and puppies. However, they had bonded over their overprotective, overbearing mothers by the date’s conclusion.

From his stressful time in space to his mother’s (Carol Ann Susi) inability to let him leave the nest, Bernadette and Howard face many challenges during their relationship. Even so, this pair overcomes each challenge by being open and honest. Bernadette maintains an important secret from her husband in Season 9, and when Howard learns about it, he had shocked.

Bernadette keeps her pregnancy a secret.

Throughout most of “The Big Bang Theory,” Bernadette is very outspoken about her distaste for kids. She yells at one young partygoer. Who understands the tricks’ secrets as she helps Howard perform magic at a kid’s birthday party? Exclaiming, “That’s it, no cake for you!” She moans “their stuffy noses, their poopy diapers, and their little shrieky voices” in the car on the way home. Despite Howard’s suggestion that it differed from her child, she gets repulsed at the idea of a “ruined” body, lack of sleep, and constrained job prospects. However, that all changes in Season 9 when Bernadette unintentionally gets pregnant, a significant life upheaval that she initially hides from Howard out of concern for his reaction. His initial happiness rapidly turns to panic as he worries about money and religion when Bernadette finally tells him by leading him on a Post-it Note scavenger quest.

Howard and the “Big Bang Theory” audience had not pleased with Bernadette’s quick shift. In attitude regarding pregnancy due to this revelation. Chuck Lorre, the show’s creator, had criticized Reddit by u/TheEngineWhoCouldnt. Who claimed that he is “No matter how well it fits character development. He is infamous for giving every one of his characters the traditional marriage and children happy ending. I believe he became afraid of not accomplishing that.” Many people concurred, like u/Spotling, who sarcastically commented. “They couldn’t depict a married woman without kids on television! What sort of concepts would they be instilling in women’s brains?”

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