‘Big Bang Theory’ Fans Refuse to Stay-Quiet About Mayim Bialik Flipping Out on Instagram

Mayim Bialik has other exciting things happening in addition to her hosting role on Jeopardy! and her popular podcast, Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown.

On July 19, a former cast member of The Big Bang Theory disclosed that her mental health podcast is broadening its appeal with new merch in time for the summer. The Call Me Kat actress was among the first to try on the summer collection ahead of the seasonal release at the end of the month, and her comments are epic.

Mayim provided her initial reactions to the merchandise with the show’s brand, which included bags, a scrunchie, socks, and t-shirts, in a series of unboxing videos shared on Instagram. She captioned a video with, “I’m SO thrilled!! ” “This is me seeing our new merchandise for the first time. I might or might not go insane over our MBB scrunchies.
Mayim not only screamed with delight over the pieces, but she also modelled them for Instagram viewers. She also urged listeners of Breakdown to share the collection’s impending release with a friend in recognition of the approaching International Day of Friendship, which falls on the collection’s release date.

Fans were ecstatic; some even said that Mayim’s Amy from the popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory sprang to mind. One user commented on Breakdown’s Instagram post, “Mayim is as happy about the scrunchie as Amy was about a tiara.” “Mayim remains my favourite famous person. That is pure, hehe Love it!” exclaimed another admirer. Can’t wait to buy this merch!” exclaimed another.
Many people also praised a specific t-shirt with a message created by Mayim’s mother, Beverly, who frequently appears on the show. Particularly Bev’s use of the term “Normal Neurotic,” a fan wrote. “My favourite tagline and image are from your mum! I’m eager to place my order! Someone else added in, “Please let her know.

Mayim has presented approximately 100 podcast episodes with her cohost. And partner Jonathan Cohen since the show’s debut in January 2021. The Big Bang Theory co-star Simon Helberg, former Voice coach Kelly Clarkson. The Office actor Rainn Wilson, Matthew McConaughey. And many more have been on Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown.

Before the end of the month, there are now two dozen Breakdown products available for purchase. So check them out if you want to!

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