Big Bang Theory Finale-Failed Sheldon’s True Soulmate

Even though The Big Bang Theory’s season finale was warmly appreciated, Sheldon’s receipt of the Nobel Prize in Physics betrays the genius’ one-and-only true love.
Secretly, Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) actual soulmate was let down by the Big Bang Theory finale. The CBS sitcom, which ran for 12 seasons in all, had its 2007 premiere and quickly rose to fame as one of the greatest comedies of all time. The network was interested in renewing The Big Bang Theory for two more years, so given its popularity, it could have gone on for much longer. However, Parsons’ decision to leave the show persuaded everyone else that it would be better to end the project rather than to continue with a cast that was not fully assembled.
The Big Bang Theory’s last season was partly inconsistent due to its sudden conclusion. The pregnancy issue between Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Penny (Kaley Cuoco) felt like it should have been a much more significant part of the programme from the beginning. Raj’s (Kunal Nayyar) amorous scheme, however, ultimately fizzled out. Sheldon and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) quest for the Physics Nobel Prize, which they eventually won, was the only well-written story in the final season. Sheldon Cooper’s career reached its apex with this achievement since it fulfilled his lifelong desire.
The Pasadena gang was the subject of The Big Bang Theory. An ensemble programme always had a central interaction between the boys of Apartment 4A. Although it was beautiful to see Sheldon and his wife receive the Nobel Prize in Physics. It denigrates the character’s true soulmate, Leonard. It seems more plausible that Sheldon and Leonard would have collaborated on the Super Asymmetry investigation since Sheldon’s category for the Nobel Prize was in Physics. Leonard’s work complements Sheldon’s area of expertise in theoretical physics as an experimental physicist. By contrast, Amy’s speciality as a neuroscientist made less sense for the collaboration. It would have been more heartwarming to witness Sheldon and Leonard collaborate closely on a task—something they hadn’t done in a while—and ultimately succeed in their mission.

Why Leonard Is Sheldon’s Soulmate and Not Amy

The Big Bang Theory’s writers planned for the overall series’ plot to concentrate on Sheldon and Leonard’s friendship. Because they were the only characters from the initial pilot to be kept when it was revised. Long before Amy arrived, Leonard had been Sheldon’s closest confidante. He looked after the brilliant person, put up with his eccentricities, and even shared his pals with his roommate. Sheldon’s friendship with Leonard was the origin of his later social contacts. Seeing The Big Bang Theory concluding with the success of Leonard and Sheldon would’ve nicely wrapped up the sitcom. Since the two struggled to launch their careers. And even turned to contributing to sperm banks to make some extra money. It would have completed the characters’ whole narrative.
The Big Bang Theory conclusion might have been much more rewarding. If it had emphasised nostalgia and its two main characters more. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with Sheldon and Amy receiving the Physics Nobel Prize. After all, they are a pair, and their meeting truly changed the course of his life. Since Sheldon and Leonard hadn’t had the chance to connect personally in the show’s most recent seasons. This would have been extremely lovely.

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