Will Smith desires to divorce Jada Pinkett but fears she’ll reveal dirty secrets and take half his money.

Will and Jada’s marriage and relationship are poisonous. This has been the case for a long time, and “Will and Jada’s” love story was just a story. It was a carefully crafted picture that had nothing to do with how they felt about each other. You can’t judge someone’s relationship by what they post or share on social media. That’s how all relationships are.

On Instagram, they might look like they’re having a great time, but the next day, you might read that she killed him with a knife (that is a real story). OK, the magazine says Will is ready to move on but doesn’t want to because he’s worried about what Jada will think.

After Will’s dramatic behavior at the Oscars last month, when he hit Chris Rock in the face for joking about Jada’s shaved head, the two are said to have gotten even more upset with each other.

It is said that Jada could be seen laughing from her seat after he hit the comic. Later, the mother of two broke her silence with a mysterious Instagram post, saying it was the “season of healing.”

Even though Will, who is 53, apologized to Chris and the Academy for his very public outburst, this is thought to have put a strain on his relationship with his wife, who is 50.

“They’ve had problems for years, but now they hardly talk to each other. Californian law says that Jada would be entitled to half of Will’s $350 million fortune if they split up.

It could last longer than Angelina and Brad’s divorce and be one of the ugliest things to happen in the entertainment industry.

They said that Will doesn’t want that, but he can only take so much.

Will isn’t as worried about the money as he is about what might come up in a difficult divorce.

He is stuck in a challenging situation.

Jada has made Will look bad in public. It’s happened more than once.

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