10 Reasons Why Monica & Rachel Are Best friends

Rachel and Monica are best friends. They adore each other and support each other. Here are the best part of their friendship.

1.They Both Were There For the Important Moments

From Rachel’s first genuine occupation to Monica’s wedding to Rachel’s child, these two were there for the significant minutes in general. Could there be a more noteworthy kinship than one where your BFF is there for each and every significant second,

2.They Have Intense Fights

One of the indications of a decent relationship is the capacity to battle in a solid manner and come out much more grounded when things cool down. Rachel and Monica had some entertaining battles about the course of Friends,

3.They Have So Many Things In Common

They Both Have the same taste especially the same taste in Men. Both of them love each other. They both admit their flaws.

4.They Know How to perform on a Dance Floor


Is there a more genuine trial of companionship than a vacant dance floor? Monica and Rachel know how to kill it on the dance floor (clearly) and aren’t hesitant to kick the party off.

5.They Always Know Each other Needs

Monica And Rachel were always there for each other. They always have each other’s back. They both wait for each other with a cocktail in their hand.

6.They Both Motivate Each other

Monica and Rachel always motivate each other when things got Rough. When one of the two is down the other was always there to motivate the down one. That’s the best part of the friendship. Both of them always motivate Each other to confronts their fears.

7.They Accept Each Other’s Errors

Monica And Rachel accepts each other as they are with all their flaws and everything.

8. Both were actually sisters

They both were actually soul sisters. They Were sisters from another Mother

9. They always support each other’s Ideas

Both of them support each other’s crazy ideas and that’s make friendship strongest.

10. Life time Friends

There isn’t anything better than long lasting companions who have gone through every one of the off-kilter advances of life. Rachel and Monica adored each other consistently. They were companions before Rachel’s new nose, before Monica lost all the weight, and before the origin of the Friends group.

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