10 Best Quotes of Friends Cast

Friends show was started in 1990’s and it became the sensation throughout the world. Everyone liked it. It was everyone’s favourite because of the wonderful cast that appeared on the show and also because of the dialogues that cast delivered on the show. The writer of the show is very good. It is the production of Warner bros. And David crane. Everyone love the cast of friends. Every character if friends has it’s own charm and fan following but Joey and Chandler are the most famous character of the show. Chandler is famous for his sarcasm and Joey is famous for his dumbness. Ross is famous for his creakiness. Rachel is famous for her style and her dressing sense. Phoebe is famous for her weirdness. Monica is famous for her perfection. So this shows every cast member has his own uniqueness. The most famous couple on friends is Monica’s and Chandler’s. And the most famous brotherhood is of Chandler and Joey. The script of friends is also too good. Especially the the sarcastic comments of Chandler are very famous. Actually Chandler is considered as the king of sarcasm. The sarcastic comments of Chandler are still very famous. The dialogues of Phoebe are also very famous. People still use these dialogues to entertain each other. From the heart touching love story of Rachel and Joey to Joey’s promise to every gang member to pee on them whenever they need it. The dialogues of friends are good that everyone remembers.

Friends:Phoebe, You Are So Beautiful. You’re So Kind. You’re So Generous. You’re So Wonderfully Weird.”

Friends:Chandler, In All My Life, I Never Thought I Would Be So Lucky As To Fall In Love With My Best… My Best… There’s A Reason Why Girls Don’t Do This.


I Turned To A Friend For Comfort And Instead I Found Everything That I Had Been Looking For My Whole Life…”

Friends:I’m Not Great At The Advice. Can I Interest You In sarcastic comment.

Friends:I’ll Write You Everyday: 15 Yemen Road, Yemen.”

Friends:She’s Your Lobster.”

Why Don’t You Stop Worrying About Sounding Smart And Just Be Yourself?”

Look Around You Guys, This Was Your First Home, And It Was A Happy Place Filled With Love And Laughter.”

You’re Not Alone. We Don’t Know Where We’re Going! You Just Gotta Figure At Some Point It’s All Gonna Come Together.”


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