10 Breakups In Friends That Fans Were Rooting For

During Friends, each of the main characters dates a surprising number of other characters (Ross marries several of them, of course). Some of these broke fans’ hearts, especially when it came down to two people who didn’t want the same thing. Others, on the other hand, were not at all sad. Even though they (mostly) find their lobsters in the end, it takes a lot of breakups to get there.

Rachel & Paolo

Even though Paolo was beautiful and a great rebound guy for Rachel when she was still trying to find her feet and figure out her life after Barry, no one wanted it to last. Early in the show, most fans were rooting for Ross and Rachel, and Paolo was a clear obstacle to their getting together. Then, when he touched Phoebe inappropriately during a massage, fans no longer had doubts about his relationship with Rachel, and they were glad she broke up with him.

Phoebe & Roger


In the end, Roger was just a very annoying person. In the first season, Phoebe dated him for a short time. Because he liked to “therapy” the group, they all hated him for a good reason. Roger thought he was the most intelligent and wise person in every room, but he wasn’t smart enough to know when people wanted to be analyzed and when that wasn’t the right thing to do. Ultimately, he gets angry about not being “appreciated” for this unwanted “insight,” and everyone is glad Phoebe gets rid of him.

Ross and Emily

Emily might have been friendly, but the show made it clear that people should hate her. From the first time she shows up on display, she is rude and angry, and even though she gets better over time, that isn’t enough to make her a good person. When you add her pushiness about getting married to Ross, the speed of their relationship as a whole, her jealous demands about Ross’s interactions with Rachel, and the fact that everyone knew Ross and Rachel were the endgames, it was clear that everyone was waiting for this to turn into another Geller divorce.

Ross and Elizabeth


Ross tries to date one of his students in season six, but he still can’t find the right person. This was a terrible relationship from the start, especially since Ross could have lost his job because of it (and for a good reason).

Charlie and Joey

Fans were ready for this one to end almost as soon as it started, even though Joey and Charlie were cute together. They had nothing in common. Charlie was dating Joey because she wanted a break from dating geniuses, and Joey was dating Charlie because she was beautiful. They didn’t have anything in common, and it was clear that Ross liked Charlie. Fans knew they would break up in Barbados and were glad when it finally happened.

Ross and Monica


For once, Ross started a relationship with a great, understanding, age-appropriate woman that he was taking his time getting to know. Still, fans wanted it to end because Mona deserved better. She started dating Ross around the time Rachel got pregnant with Ross’s baby, and Ross was very mean to her. He didn’t tell her everything that was going on in his life. He kept forgetting plans with her. Ross canceled a date with her when Rachel was having Braxton-Hicks contractions, and he didn’t tell her that Rachel moved in (or ask her how she felt about it before making it official). He freaked out when she wanted to send out a holiday card (even though he would usually have proposed by that point).

Rachel & Ross

Ross was a joke character for Rachel to date, but he was a good joke, so fans wanted them to break up. Rachel dated Ross after breaking up with Ross, but she didn’t realize they were the same person.

Monica Burke and Tim Burke

Timothy might have been a great boyfriend for Monica, but he was Richard’s son. And it was weird to think about Monica dating Richard’s son. She and Richard’s relationship was such a big part of the show and her life that she didn’t feel right dating Timothy. There was also the question of what would happen if she and Timothy got severe. Ultimately, she couldn’t handle it alone, especially after Timothy reminded her of Richard, and everyone was glad it was over.

Rachel and Joey

Fans as a whole hated this relationship the most out of all the ones in the show. The choice to pair Joey and Rachel felt like lazy writing, and it was often awkward. Especially given Rachel’s history with Ross and the messy love triangle (or love square, if you prefer) between Rachel, Joey, Ross, and Charlie. The friendship never felt like it was going anywhere. And there wasn’t any natural chemistry between them. So it made sense that they broke up.

Ross & Julie


Even though Julie was a nice person and might have been better for Ross than Rachel. Fans still wanted her relationship to fail because Ross and Rachel were the focus of the show’s first few seasons. In the first season, the buildup to Rachel realizing that Ross liked her and then learning that she wanted him back was a big deal. At that point, everyone thought they would get together. But when Ross got off the plane with Julie, it was heartbreaking. From that moment on, fans wanted Julie and Ross to break up, no matter how great Julie was.

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