10 Details about ‘Friends’ That Fans Choose To Ignore

Even though the last episode of Friends was broadcasted 17 years ago, some of us still watch our favorite show repeatedly. Even the biggest fan might have skipped a few minor details about the show.

We did our own “research” at EwwFeed Site and found that at least 10 details were left out. You missed them just as much as I did, right?

10. Monica brought Rachel and Chandler together in the first episode as if they had never met before.

Rachel goes to the coffee shop after leaving Barry at the altar in the pilot. Monica introduces her to Joey and Chandler. But in “The One With the Flashback,” we find out that Rachel and Chandler have known each other since college and Thanksgiving dinners at the Gellers.

9. Monica’s restaurant has a shouting jar.

Monica has always worked hard. She was very loud. She also tried to deal with her problem by putting a dollar in a special jar at Alessandro’s every time she yelled at someone.

8. There are some interesting notes on the bulletin board on Joey and Chandler’s apartment door.

Throughout the show, the Magna Doodle Board on Joey and Chandler’s apartment door had a lot of funny messages. When Chandler and Monica said they were dating, a cute drawing of a heart with their initials on it appeared on the board (aww, Joe!). Chandler would also leave voicemails for Joey, asking him to call a girl, his agent, or his father.

7. The famous couch was always empty for a reason.

Have you ever wondered why the fabled orange sofa, the gang’s favorite place to hang out, was always free? If you look closely, you’ll see that it has been kept! A few of the early episodes show the sign. The sign isn’t there in some episodes, but the “Reserved” sign doesn’t need to be there for regulars.

6. Ross has been born twice.

Ross didn’t get older while the rest of the cast did throughout three seasons. He said he was 29 years old in seasons 3, 4, and 5. Dr. Geller says that he was also born in December. After a few years, he said that his birthday was October 18. We think it must be Unagi’s power.

5, Chandler’s friends don’t usually laugh at his jokes.

Everyone enjoys Chandler’s jokes and sarcastic comments. Besides his closest friends. The only logical reason we can think of is that the director didn’t want to break the flow of the scene by pausing for laughter. Yes, Chandler, it’s not fair, but everyone knows you’re “the funny one.”

4. The same woman played both Joey’s agent and a nurse at the hospital.


Do you recall Estelle Leonard, Joey’s agent? Few people knew who she was when she played a nurse in the episode where Ross’s son Ben was born.

3. The odd angle of the camera.

In “The One With Secret Closet,” they showed us Monica’s “4th wall” as Chandler tried to get into the secret closet. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see how the camera crew shot most of the scenes.

2. All of the dresses for the bride.

Remember when Monica took Emily’s wedding dress and tried it on with her friends, who were also trying on wedding dresses? We don’t know why, but Emily wears a different dress to her wedding. Rachel’s clothes had also changed since season one when she left her fiancé at the altar.

1. The kitchen had a magical window.

Everyone in Monica’s apartment could see a window, but only a few of us noticed that the scene outside this magical kitchen window changed all the time. We liked the apartment, the brick wall, and the building next to it, but this window seemed strange.

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