10 Hard Truths About Rewatching Friends

Many TV shows have become a permanent part of pop culture, but few have left as big of an impression as Friends did in the 1990s. The 1990s were a great time for sitcoms, and Friends ran for more than 200 episodes over ten seasons. It is one of the most watched shows on streaming services today.

Friends have a huge fan base because it brings people back to the ’90s in a comforting way. It’s hard to deny that Friends is charming and brings back memories. On the other hand, modern rewatches have shown that some of the plots and characters haven’t aged as the rest of the series.

The drama about whether or not a couple will get together is over.

Some of the most popular sitcoms can keep their viewers interested because of the tension and relationship drama. Ross and Rachel’s relationship starts with real sparks, but as you watch the show more and more, that magic begins to fade. Will they or won’t they?

It gives an unrealistic picture of life in New York.

The places where sitcoms take place have changed significantly over the past ten years. The most popular sites for TV shows are still big cities like New York City and Los Angeles, but the shows usually take pride in how well they show the city.

Marcel, the Monkey, is a wide-ranging attempt to get people’s attention.

It’s not easy for a sitcom to catch on immediately and become the next big thing. Friends became famous early in its run, but it still had to jump through hoops to win over a larger audience. An awkward element from the earliest seasons of Friends is Ross‘ pet monkey, Marcel.

Some of the guest stars are old and not needed.

Stunt casting is often used to get more people to watch a TV show. However, this practice hit its height in the 1990s and 2000s. There are some great guest stars and guest roles on Friends, but there are also many things that were famous at the time but no longer make sense.

Joey’s Alpha Male Personality And The Amount Of Casual Sex In General

It’s true that all ’90s sitcoms, not just Friends, are full of the hormonal humor that Friends is always stuck in, which drives its plots. But the show gets pretty bad in this area, and every character has dozens of partners throughout its run. Most of the comedy on Friends comes from these situations, but it comes at the cost of casual sexuality.

Having to get through the failed romantic relationships

Friends’ central relationships change in a way that won’t fade, but most sitcoms are more about staying the same than growing over time. So, long-term relationships that are doomed from the start, like Ross and Emily or Joey and Rachel, feel like they are being used to waste time.

There’s A Very Mean-Spirited First Season

There’s an alarming trend in many sitcoms where it’s cool to be mean and have characters who don’t change. Friends do a lot to fight against this stereotype and make its cast look like a loving family. But the first season of the show is pretty mean, and there are a lot of jokes that hurt.

Their ages don’t make sense.

Friends is still a popular show to watch all at once because it’s easy to turn off your brain and enjoy it as easy comfort food. Many things about Friends don’t make sense when you look at them closely. But the fact that the characters start the show in their early twenties never makes sense.

A lot of the jokes haven’t held up over time.

For many reasons, friends are a vital TV show, but the ’90s were a mess when figuring out who gets the joke. Friends usually have good intentions, but it is very backward when it comes to gender roles and how it treats people who are on the outside of society.

It lacks variety.

One of the biggest complaints about Friends is that the cast isn’t very diverse. Especially for a show in New York City. Friends don’t completely ignore this issue, and there are essential characters like Julie and Charlie. But they’re still oddities and treated like outsiders on some level.

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